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    Nov. 17, 2022
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RPA Using UiPath Certification Training Course

The goal of this robotic and automation course is to familiarize the student with the ideas behind robotic process automation. It goes into detail on the characteristics, advantages, and uses of applying robotic process automation methods in enterprises. This online RPA course is intended to assist you in building your automation processes from the ground up to automate tasks including text, the web, Excel, mail, PDFs, VDIs, etc. You will learn how to create end-to-end automation processes based on actual industrial use cases in this RPA course, submit them to the UiPath Orchestrator, and execute them with the aid of your bots.

RPA Using UiPath Course Advantage

With phase-end and capstone projects based on actual business scenarios, Dursikshya's RPA Course offers intensive hands-on instruction in high capabilities.


With this program, you will:

•  Learn fundamental ideas in computer science from prominent business professionals with information designed for practical application.
•  Create a complete application with exciting features.
•  Earn a course completion diploma that is recognized by the industry

RPA Using UiPath Certification Training Course Pathway

  • Robotic process automation's emergence (RPA)           
  • Development of RPA
  • upcoming of RPA
  • Putting RPA Apart from Automation
  • What is robotic process automation? & What are its advantages
  • RPA is Not What
  • Different Bots
  • The workings of robotic process automation
  • The development process for RPA and important factors
  • RPA application areas
  • A list of tools for robotic process automation

  • a description of the UiPath platform and its elements
  • Information on how to install the Community Edition of UiPath
  • Various Templates
  • User Experience
  • Activities Domain
  • UiPath Workflow Files

  • Automation of User Interfaces
  • Operating Systems
  • Variables
  • Arguments
  • Panel of Imports
  • Useful Events

  • Integrating apps
  • Recording
  • Scraping
  • Selector
  • Process Activities

  • Repository for objects
  • manipulation of data
  • Virtual Machine Automation
  • Native Citrix Automation Overview
  • Image and Text Automation
  • Automation of PDF
  • Machine Learning

  • Programming
  • Debugging
  • Mistake Handling
  • Logging
  • Extensions
  • Project Management

  • Overview of UiPath Orchestrator
  • coordinating actions
  • Overview of Orchestrator CE
  • CE orchestrator
  • Various RPA tools

  • Overview of the REFramework
  • Regarding REFramework
  • The goal of the REFramework
  • By means of State Machine Layout
  • State Machines of the States
  • involved work processes
  • Processes in the Framework
  • handling and logging of exceptions
  • Rules for Using REFramework When Developing a Process