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    Nov. 11, 2022
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Graphics Design

The purpose of the message could be to convey information, elicit thought, market a product, or even spark meaningful discourse. Graphic design can be found everywhere. It’s all about leveraging visual storytelling to represent an idea best. This may appear straightforward, but it necessitates problem-solving, communication, attentiveness, patience, and, most importantly, a thorough understanding of the project’s intended outcome

Key Features
  • 120 hours of training with an instructor
  • Much practice with current features
  • Learn by doing and go through the entire development cycle
  • Advance from basic to intermediate Knowledge of Graphic Design
Graphics Design Pathway


• Introduction to Photoshop

• Difference between web and print media

• Concept of resolution for print and web

• Image type used for web like JPG, GIF, PNG

• Image resizing techniques and optimizing images

• Selection tools

• Sky replacement

• Brushes, loading brushes, saving brushes, creating brushes

• color correction, retouching

• enhancing brightness, shadows, mid-tones

• rectangle, ellipse tools to design interface for both web and press

• concept of layers, locking layers

• blending options

• working with gradients

• using pen tool to trace shapes, creating logos, custom shapes

• using pen tool to extract selected portion from an image

• using custom shapes, loading shapes, modifying existing shapes

• concept of clipping mask and masking

• using filters

• using Visual style for social media posts

• using liquify tool

• puppet wrap

• knowing the interface of Illustrator

• using selection tools and learning group selection, lasso selection, magic wand selection

• introduction to the pen tool

• use a pen tool to add and remove anchor points, joining anchor points

• concept of layers, organizing layers, grouping layers, selecting layers, duplicating layers, merging layers

• using strokes, converting strokes size, dashed stroke, removing strokes, joining strokes

• using text tool also popularly known as type tool, vertical type tool, path type, area type tool

• using font attributes and formatting paragraphs, transforming text

• using shape objects like rectangle tool, polygon tool, star tool, rounded rectangle tool

• transforming a shape using different techniques like rotating, scaling, reflecting, twisting, sheering, reshaping, repositioning.

• learning how to align and distribute objects evenly

• using different line tools

• using clipping path and mask

• applying color using a color picker tool, color swatches, color palettes

• learn the use of pencil tool, eraser tool

• learn the use of gradient

• concept of transparency and masking

• learn envelope and its options, using mesh, text distortions

• using guides and rulers while creating an illustration

• using a scissor tool and knife tool while designing an illustration

• using pathfinder and liquefy tool

• learning the use of appearance and styles

• using filters

• use the blend tool and learn to blend multiple objects

• display charts and graphs

• knowing different image formats and learning how to save images for the web

• learn to use the slice tool to generate images for the web

• using different symbol tools

• using the auto trace feature

• Creating and Viewing Documents

• Understanding Your Workspace

• Auto fill Pages number

• Working with Type

• Working with Graphics

• Formatting Objects

• Working with Color

• Points and Paths

• Managing and Transforming Objects

• Character and Paragraph Formatting

• Using Styles

• Tables

• Long and Interactive Documents

• Packaging and Printing

• Creating a table of content