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Real World Business

Get insights on how ai is across companies like E-sewa ,Daraz... more

Learn from Dursikshya Faculty

learn live from top Dursikshya faculty with online master classes

Dursikshya's Academic Eminence

Gain a certificate from Dursikshya online from Dursikshya

Immense Domain Exposure

learn how ai can be applied across business functions such as DeveOps

DevOps Engineer Master Program

A DevOps Certification demonstrates that you are equipped with the most recent DevOps knowledge and are prepared to assume the duties of a DevOps Engineer. It displays both your fundamental and in-depth understanding of DevOps ideas, as well as your capacity for successfully putting them into practice.

Key Features
  • 180 hours of training with an instructor
  • Much practice with current features
  • Advance from basic to intermediate Knowledge of DeveOps
  • Learn by doing and go through the entire development cycle
Tools Covered
DevOps Course Advantage

With phase-end and capstone projects based on actual business scenarios, Dursikshya's DevOps Course offers intensive hands-on instruction in DevOps capabilities.


With this program, you will:

•  Learn fundamental ideas in computer science from prominent business professionals with information designed for practical application.
•  Create a complete application with exciting features.
•  Earn a course completion diploma that is recognized by the industry

DevOps Engineer Master Program Pathway

With the help of Dursikshya DevOps Master Training Course, you may be ready for a job in DevOps, a rapidly expanding industry that connects software developers and operations specialists. Learn the DevOps strategies and tools to succeed in your next DevOps practitioner position.

One of the key steps in the DevOps workflow is configuration management. An in-depth explanation of the ideas behind Chef, Puppet, and Ansible is provided via this DevOps training course. A set of engineering best practices are known as the "DevOps lifecycle" offers a methodical approach to managing all the entities necessary for effective deployment.

The Docker Certified Associate (DCA) test and this practical Docker certification training course are matched. You will study fundamental Docker technologies including Docker Hub, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Docker file, Docker Containers, Docker Engine, Docker Images, Docker Network, Docker Daemon, and Docker Storage in this DevOps certification course.

Learn the fundamentals of Git, a version control system (VCS), and how to set it up in your system, list the three stages of the Git workflow, build branches and track files, establish a repository in Git, GitHub, and more with this DevOps certification course.