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Flutter Certification Program

Application developers are aware of how crucial it is for their build to function on many operating systems. A convenient and adaptable development kit is Flutter. Professionals that are certified as Flutter application developers are in great demand because to their intricate and dynamic creations. Professionals wishing to improve their employment chances are highly encouraged to enroll in this Flutter Application Development training course. To sign up for this Flutter App Development course right away, look at the dates below

Key Features
  • 60 hours of training with an instructor
  • Much practice with current features
  • Learn by doing and go through the entire development cycle
  • Advance from basic to intermediate Knowledge of Flutter Course
Flutter Certification Program Pathway

• Introduction

• The value of flutter

• Dart introduction

• Writing code in Dart.

• Dart Pad.

• Putting in the Dart SDK 

• Microsoft IDEA

• Introduction

• primary () purpose

• Various Darts

• Data Types in Dart

• Information entered into the Dart program

• Making Remarks

• Conditional operators for Dart

• Statement If

• If - Else Condition

• If…Also & Also... Statement: If

• The logical operators and if else

• With Loops

• During Loops

• Indefinite Loops

• Reverse Statement

• Alternate Case Statement

• Functions

• Structure and Function

• Establishing a Function

• False Function

• Expression Returning from a Function

• Scope and Functions of Variables

• Programming that is object-oriented (OOP)

• Object

• Designing a Class

• Giving Classes Methods

• Making Constructors Available for Your Classes

• Getters and Setters are a class.


• Abstract Category

• Dart Project Organization and Libraries

• Recognizing Flutter

• Framework for Flutter

• iOS/Android Studio

• Android Studio: What is it?

• Prerequisite: Android Studio software

• Setting up Android Studio

• Flywheel SDK

• Flutter SDK Installation and Configuration

• New Flutter Project Creation

• Configure a virtual Android device.

• Flutter an application

• How to install Flutter on a Mac

• Test Your Flutter App with Windows OS on an iOS Phone

• Sugar & Spice for Android Studio

• Run your applications on hardware (Physical Phone)

• Run the Flutter app on an Android device.

• Run your Flutter application on an iPhone.

• Debug Mode for emulators

• Overview of Flutter Widgets

• Widget-Based Flutter App Development

• A Materialapp widget: what is it?

• Framework Widget

• Picture Widget

• Widget for Containers

• Row and Column Widgets

• Symbol Widget

• Flutter layouts

• Token Widget

• Icons for apps on iOS and Android

• Reloading and restarting quickly

• Widgets with and without states

• Utilize Custom Fonts

• Toggle Widget

• Moveable Action Button

• three types of buttons: raised, flat, and icon

• Drop-down menu

• Boundary Button

• How to evert Bar

• Popup

• Food button

• App Organization and Navigation

• Go back and forth between a new screen

• Utilize Named Routes to Navigate

• Sending and receiving data between screens

• Widget Animation Across Screens

• Flutter's WebView Widget

• Introduction

• Widget for Bottom Navigator Bar

• Tab Bar, Tab Bar View, and Default Tab Controller Widgets

• Widget List Tile

• Widget for List View

• Cabinet Widget

• Widget for Data Table

• Choose Your Text Widget

• Layer Widget

• input and choice

• Widget for Text Field

• Widgets for Checkbox Group and Radio Button Group

• Date Selector.

• Time Selector

• slide-based widget

• Change Widget

• Alerts, Dialogs, and Panels

• Widget for Alert Dialog

• Silicon Valley Alert Dialog Widget.

• Lower Sheet

• Bottom Modal Sheet

• Continuous Bottom Sheet.

• Widget for an expansion panel.

• Bar Snack Widget.

• What exactly is JSON?

• What is the operation of the Firebase Database?

• authentication using Firebase (Signup and Login to Flutter App)

• Set Up Your Application to Use Firebase Services

• A Firebase integration for your Android app

• Making your iOS app use Firebase

• Firebase Authentication configuration

• Using Firebase user accounts, sign into an app

• Configuration of Logout

• Database in Firebase

• The best database for your project?

• Current Database

• the Cloud Fire shop

• Introduction

• How does GPS operate and what is it?

• The Place of the Camera

• Google Maps integration in a Flutter app

• how to obtain a Google API key

• dependency addition for the Google Maps Flutter plug-in

• For your Android app, add your API key.

• Adding your iOS app's API key

• Google Map Display in Your Flutter App

• Adding a marker to a Google Map

• Various Google Maps

• Camera movement (Camera Animation)

• For iOS and Android apps, capturing the location of an apps user,