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    March 23, 2023
  • Number of Students
    20 Seats
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Our Angular training course covers everything from TypeScript, Components, Directives, Pipes, forms to routing, RxJs, dealing with APIs, testing, and cloud deployment to make you a knowledgeable developer prepared to build scalable single-page apps. By the time you complete the Angular certification, you'll have practical knowledge of all the newest Angular features

Key Features
  • 60 hours of training with an instructor
  • Much practice with current features
  • Learn by doing and go through the entire development cycle
  • Advance from basic to intermediate Knowledge of Angular Course

  • Overview of Angular
  • What Justifies Learning Angular?
  • How Are Websites Operated?
  • Describe Angular.

  • TypeScript introduction
  • Describe TypeScript.
  • Establish a TypeScript project.
  • TypeScript Basic Types
  • Classes in TypeScript
  • Catching Runtime Errors with TypeScript at Compile Time
  • Create a Class Using ES5
  • Create a Class Using ES6
  • Class Creation Using TypeScript
  • Interfaces in TypeScript
  • Decorators for TypeScript
  • Construct a Decorator

  • Components and Templates Introduction
  • Describe a component.
  • Organize the development environment
  • Construct a Component
  • Knowledge of Our New Component
  • Display Data Using Data Binding
  • How do directives work?
  • NgClass Attribute Directive should be used.
  • NgStyle Attribute Directive should be used.
  • Implement the NgIf Structural Directive..


  • Form Construction Using Angular
  • Build a Form Driven by a Template
  • NgForm Instructions
  • Angular form validation
  • Response Forms
  • Construct a Reactive Form
  • Data from Forms in Reactive Forms
  • Form Group and Form Control explanation

  • An overview of Angular Services
  • Introduction to Angular Services
  • Application for Service Refactoring
  • Create a Service
  • Put Service in Component and Use It
  • Integrate components with service
  • Definition of Dependency Injection
  • Implement Dependency Injection in a Service
  • Message Service Integration Across Multiple Components
  • Operations That Are Synchronous
  • Construction of an Asynchronous Operation
  • Make Asynchronous Operation Simpler

  • Overview of Angular HTTP Calls
  • UI cleanup
  • HTTP Client: What is it?
  • Review of node.js
  • Install a server
  • Processing GET Data Request
  • Take care of POST and PATCH Requests
  • Enhance Angular with HTTP Client
  • Test the client-server relationship.
  • Options for HTTP
  • Unit testing for HTTP

  • Routing: An Introduction?
  • Routing: What is it?
  • Create the Routing and Show the Contents
  • the application's navigation
  • Routing with a Web Application for a To-Do List
  • Guards and Routing Requirements
  • Example of Routing
  • Wildcard and Nested Routes
  • Routes for lazy loading
  • The Advanced Example of Routing
  • Route Monitors

  • Introduction to Animation and Styling
  • Simple Styling
  • Material Styling Using Angles
  • Example of Advanced Styling
  • Vertical Animation
  • Internationalization
  • Internationalization in-depth

  • Create a progressive web application
  • Project PWA Example
  • Create a New PWA
  • Construct a Timer Component.
  • A Quick Look at the Timer Component's Results
  • Build the Timer Component's User Interface.
  • Create the Timer-List component.
  • A Brief Overview of the Timer-List Component's Results
  • Create the user interface for the timer-list component.
  • Create a network problem
  • creating a competent user interface
  • Reason for Manifest
  • Storage for a browser's cache

  • Introduction to Firebase Deployment
  • New Angular Build Options
  • Understanding Firebase Deployment
  • The best way to create a Firebase project?
  • Firebase with Angular CRUD App Development
  • Using Firebase, create a Service for the CRUD App
  • Create a component for orders
  • Create a user interface for orders
  • Create a component for the orders list.
  • Style the application
  • Angular application deployment
  • Files for Production and Deployment