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    Nov. 15, 2022
  • Number of Students
    20 Seats
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Get insights on how ai is across companies like E-sewa ,Daraz... more

Get insights on how ai is across companies like E-

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This course is for anybody interested in learning how to use a computer or learning more about computers. The skills you’ll get from this course will help you create your own paper or book, manage your data in EXCEL, work more efficiently with a few shortcuts, and create your own presentation for business, school, college, or personal use. All of these elements are fundamental and critical if you want to work privately for a living.

Key Features
  • 46 hours of training with an instructor
  • Much practice with current features
  • Learn by doing and go through the entire development cycle
  • Advance from basic to intermediate Knowledge of office solution

• Create and format text

• Create copy and paste; Copy format and paste format

• Develop heading and create format in different styles

• Creating styles and formatting documents

• Find the desired text and replace it with the next

• Inserting pictures, formatting pictures, Adjusting color and Arrange Pictures

• Inserting clipart, smart arts, and graphs

• Creating hyperlinks and comments

• Working with Header, footer, textbox, equation, and symbols

• Working with Page design and layout

• Creating Table of Contents, Footnotes, Endnotes, List of tables, list of figures

• Creating a bibliography, cross-references, and Captions

• Working with Comments and Track Changes

• Mail Merge

• View window in different ways and comparing between the files

• Types of Analytics

• Areas of Analytics

• Setting Excel File options

• Working with Text formats and number formats

• Creating tables and Cell Styles

• Working with conditional formatting and Table Formats

• Sort, Filter, Series Fill, Flash fill, and Auto sum

• Inserting pictures, intelligent art graphics, charts, hyperlinks headers/ footer, equations, and symbols,

• Setting page layout, arranging shapes, and printing area set up

• Working with basic Excel formulas to perform simple calculations

• Working with logical function, Lookup, and reference functions

• Defining table names and using them in formula

• Grouping/ Ungrouping data

• Sorting the records

• Working with text proofing and Text editing

• Protecting Sheets with password

• View window in different views 

• Freezing panes and Splitting sheets

• Logical Functions

• VLOOKUP Function

• HLOOKUP Function

• MATCH Function

• INDEX and OFFSET Function

• Statistical Function

• SUMIFS Function

• COUNTIFS Function


• STDEV, MEDIAN, and RANK Function

• What is a Dashboard

• Principles of Great Dashboard Design

• How to Create a Chart in Excel

• Chart Formatting

• Thermometer Chart

• Form Controls in Excel

• Interactive Dashboard with Form Controls

• Chart with Checkbox

• Interactive Char

• Pareto Chart

• Setting PowerPoint 2021 file environment

• Building your own slides

• Creating Design and Text in attractive Formats

• Searching New online templates and themes

• Inserting Tables, Symbols, Pictures, Charts and Graphic Smart Arts

• Inserting Video, Audio and Screen Recording

• Inserting background themes or templates for presentation

• Applying attractive Transitions

• Applying Attractive Animation to the designed text and objects

• Setting Timing with Transitions and Animations

• Building up Presentation and Setting Slide Show

• Editing Text and Comparing

• Printing Slides

• Presentation View