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Big Data Master Program

Building, managing, testing, and evaluating big data solutions are all part of big data engineering, a crucial component of data science. It places a focus on creating systems that facilitate improved data access and flow. Additionally, it includes gathering data from various sources, cleaning, and processing the data so that it is suitable for analysis.

Key Features
  • 180 hours of training with an instructor
  • Much practice with current features
  • Advance from basic to intermediate Knowledge of Big Data Course
  • Learn by doing and go through the entire development cycle
Tools Covered
Big Data Engineer Course Advantage

With phase-end and capstone projects based on actual business scenarios, Dursikshya's Big Data Course offers intensive hands-on instruction in Software capabilities.


With this program, you will:

•  Learn fundamental ideas in computer science from prominent business professionals with information designed for practical application.
•  Create a complete application with exciting features.
•  Earn a course completion diploma that is recognized by the industry

Big Data Master Program Pathway

You will learn the fundamental ideas and lingo of Big Data and its practical applications across industries in this IBM Data Engineering course. By analyzing enormous amounts of data and extracting useful information from it, you will obtain insights on how to increase business productivity.

You may learn the theories behind the Hadoop platform, Big data technologies, and approaches through Dursikshya's Big Data Hadoop course. To succeed as a Big Data Developer, you need to earn a Big Data Hadoop certification. You will learn about the Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem and how each part fits into the Big Data processing lifecycle through this class. Learn about Spark applications, parallel processing, and functional programming by enrolling in this Big Data and Hadoop online session

Prepare yourself with this PySpark certification course to incorporate Spark into your Python programming. This course provides an introduction to the Spark stack and explains how to use Python's features when deploying them within the Spark environment. It aids with the development of the abilities needed to work as a PySpark developer.

With Dursikshya's Kafka certification, you may experiment with numerous methods to process massive volumes of data. With this Kafka training, you will comprehend how to utilize Big data analytics more effectively. Utilize our blended learning strategy to understand the fundamentals of Apache Kafka by enrolling in this course. Prepare to complete the cutting-edge coursework for this Apache Kafka certification created by professionals in the field and acquire the abilities necessary to become a Kafka developer.

The MongoDB certification from Dursikshya gives you the necessary tools to work as a MongoDB Developer. This MongoDB course's highly skilled professors will help you comprehend why more companies are turning to MongoDB development services to meet their rising data handling and storage needs. Industry projects, lab activities, and varied demos are included in our MongoDB training to clarify important concepts. Enroll in our online MongoDB course to learn about this well-known NoSQL database.

The AWS Data Analytics certification program from Dursikshya equips you to handle all facets of large data hosting and distributed processing on the AWS platform. Our AWS data analytics training will prepare you to pass the AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty test on your first attempt. This AWS-certified data analytics course was created by professionals in the field and covers a variety of intriguing subjects, including AWS Quick Sight, AWS Lambda and Glue, S3 and DynamoDB, Redshift, and Hive on EMR, among others.

You will get the chance to put the abilities you gained in the Big Data Engineer program into practice with Dursikshya's Big Data Capstone project. With focused mentorship sessions, you'll learn how to address a genuine issue relevant to your business. The project, which marks the culmination of the learning route, will enable you to demonstrate your competence to potential employers.